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Maria Sharapova (Maria Sharapova) tennis doping as shockwaves, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) issued a statement, the case is still currently Sharapova program, the inconvenience of external comment further.

Statement of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s only certainty is that Sharapova taking doping Mildronate, this year January 1 was included in the list of banned drugs.

Buy Mildronate online  generally to angina patients taking the drugs, but some athletes also taking this drug because it has an increased heart and lung capacity, and rapid recovery of the body effect.


This drug is widely used in some Eastern European countries, because it does not require prescription, cheap prices, so some athletes will improper use; the World Anti-Doping Agency last fall to curb unscrupulous players use this drug, this year will begin advocacy Buy Mildronate online included doping.

Last year, Sharapova does have received the relevant advocacy documents, she admitted that last December the World Anti-Doping Agency has received e-mail, at the beginning of this year to Mildronate as prescribed doping, but she did not pay attention to this matter in the Australian Open to continue taking the drug test result is not over.

Usually, if players need to use drugs during the game, otherwise it will affect their life and health, must be made before the game needs drug treatment, can be used after obtaining approval; unauthorized use of this Sharapova unannounced, thus triggering storm and can Buy Mildronate online.

If blame ultimate responsibility Sharapova fear shall bear the greatest responsibility, after all, we can not say that the players did not notice it from punishment, but today she has no intention and willingness to publicly explain their responsibility for the future of her Penalties are expected to be mitigated.

According to relevant regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency, if the athlete doping violation, he or other parties can prove that there is no significant fault or no significant negligence, according to the degree of mistakes, lightest and given a warning not to ban heaviest banned for two years.

Sharapova said, “I can prove Buy Mildronate online doctors advise my medication, and I am taking this long-term drug treatment, not malicious use.”


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