LG reset method in 2016


Restoring Factory
A complete guide to factory reset LG G3 or perform a hard reset on Android smartphone LG G3.

Hard Reset LG G3
LG G3 is one of the current success of smartphones worldwide. Many of the LG G3 owners who may be in a situation sometimes when they want to do a factory reset or hard reset on the device LG G3. A factory reset is a good option for troubleshooting software minor (fixing slow phone or backlogs solution LG G3) and in the case before giving the phone every owner should do a hard reset to ensure your private data for more info visit our site.

There are several ways Factory Reset or Restore LG G3 LG G3. Follow the methods below to get homework.

Note that you do a factory reset known as a soft reset will erase all user-installed applications and data, but also photos, videos, songs and other multimedia files will not be affected. On the other hand, if you want to completely remove the device as if it were the case then a reset is necessary.

Please take care of your lost data and must create a backup before proceeding with any of the following methods. Use a good application backup of Android to back up your apps and other data so you can restore them later or if you do a hard reset connect your phone to your computer and use LG includes software backup all the LG G3 to your PC.

How soft reset or factory reset LG G3:

Doing a factory reset lg g3 is very simple. Just open the Setup menu. Go to General> Backup and Restore factory> Reset factory. Accept all permissions and then wait for the device to reboot!

How to remove or reset LG G3:

First off your LG G3. Press and hold the volume button down and the power key simultaneously. Once you see the LG logo only POWER key is released and hold the power key again quickly. Soon you will see the factory reset menu on the screen. Now release the keys. Use the VOLUME DOWN button to scroll to YES, wait until the phone ended with the task reset and restart itself!


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