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They say love is blind; we should rather say that being blind love. Why? Essentially for two reasons: first, because the faults of the other seem affected or invisible as his qualities are magnified under the microscope; then because being in love, everyone has effortlessly at its best … but so different to someone you wife, for example, eat much more or much less, is more careful, is less noise, cries while one laughs and laughs while the other cries, etc.

Making the ostrich putting its head in the sand and refusing any analysis is a dangerous game. “A simple man believes everything he is told, a wise man does not advance without thinking.” Pro. 14:15. I would like to say to those who want to get married without thinking: go, I can do nothing for you; but you are so lucky that chance makes you happy, that you have to leave at night without card, on unfamiliar country roads and arrive safely … However, if you read these articles, c It is because you believe that a successful marriage is brewing. Click here to read more about cute love status

Jesus explicitly pointed out that the examination of a project to clear head is absolutely normal and advisable. Cf. Luke 14: 28-30. A company or school in general meticulously analyzing any application before making a decision, even for a short term project. How many more people considering two bind intimately to life, should they freely “sit and think” before committing. But how to discern?

Take the example of a ferry on which you intend to mount; at his approach, without being professional, you see he is not perfect; few rust spots and wear marks are there to testify. However, your overall confidence in its ability to carry you, you can embark with confidence. But I hope you do not climb aboard if the hull is pierced or that the ship has an abnormal tilt! This is for the wedding; will never agree if the shipwreck signs are important. Some people (like the drilled boat) need to “repair” serious before considering the long journey of marriage. In response, many ask: “A person can not change it later?”


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