Chalk markers pack


Spektra is the line of chalk markers pack produced by Carbotintas of Colombia, they are presented in three versions according to application: Ergonomic, High Performance and Personal. High performance reference is demanded by the frequent and intensive use given to it in schools, colleges and universities, while the other two are used at home and office. They presented in box or blister according to the needs of the various distribution channels. Carbotintas also manufactures ink dry erase markers to recharge slate. Currently its products are widely accepted in markets such as the Dominican Republic and Ecuador, they confirmed Andrés Zuluaga, production manager and Eliana Zuluaga, general manager of Carbotintas.
Pilot produced in Japan refillable chalk markers pack with metal body and sturdy acrylic tip that gives them a longer life, even after several refills. It also manufactures disposable plastic markers body, which like the previous ones , are also available in sets of 6 colors. The full version includes eraser and magnet, first to correct immediately, while the magnet can stick to metal surfaces, such as magnetic boards, filing cabinets, refrigerators, etc. It has plastic body, is disposable and is available in blue and black chalk colors, culminated Jonathan Lepold, brand manager of Imex Chile.
Luxor , manufacturer and exporter of writing instruments number one in India, produces markers inks under the American ASTM D-4236. Whiteboards for use in liquid ink and dry erase surfaces such as glass, ceramics, etc., manufactures bevel tip markers or round, with vented cap, alcohol – based ink and polyester fiber filter as the reference 610 , among other.

We can also cite different models like the Jumbo 770 high – performance, or 751 Cap-off formulation which allows you to stay uncapped up to 72 hours without drying, something quite unusual in liquid chalk markers, because they use fast drying inks.
Who has not accidentally written with permanent ink chalk markers pack on a white board? The writing is literally painted on the board and should be cleaned with alcohol or other solvent. A quick-fix method recommended by Staedtler, is to cover the permanent writing with a marker strokes slate, then delete it usually easily and without complication.


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