Eyebrow threading

A few days Hello, I’ve been quite mild headache (I can not locate exactly the pain is like the whole head in general and very mild) and when I squeeze into the bone of the brow noticed a pain like when you push a moratón. Also sometimes he accompanied by eye pain when I move (when I look at the sides, top, bottom ..) This has happened to me other times, as it comes and goes seasonally. If anyone knows of that can be treated or is something serious would appreciate it.


How do hair removal thread
Threading lets you define your eyebrows with a nice look and can be more precise than waxing because the hairs are removed one by one. Hair removal using the method of thread can be made even peach fuzz (hair too short, like the upper lip area). No need to wait until your hair is of a certain length to remove it. You can go to a salon to get the threads and learn to make the technique thread yourself by following these tips:
You will need cotton thread. Cut approximately 60 cm of yarn. Take the thread and tie the ends to make a loop.

Holding the thread with one hand on each side. Wrap the thread around itself about 10 times. Let the wound part is in the center.
Place the thread around the fingers of both hands. Pushes rolled to one side by separating the fingers of one hand to close the fingers of the other hand part. Repeat with the other hand to push the coiled part the other way.

Practice pushing the wound portion of the wire moving it to one side to another until it flows easily. Try to use threads to remove hair.
Sit on a chair or bed and supports your leg. Place the thread on leg hair and pushes the rolled from one side to another part. After practicing leg long enough, you’ll try on the upper lip. Click here to learn more about eyebrow threading.


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